the marimba story

The name Marimba origins from a traditional wooden instrument (wooden xylophone, also known as Timbila) often played in Moçambique. The huge variety of trees and plants growing on the property completes the name to ‘Marimba Secret Gardens’.
Marimba Secret Gardens is located 23km north of Vilanculos in the pristine and rural chief hood of Macunhe, right at the beach and opposite the channel between Bazaruto and Benguerra, the two main islands that form the Bazaruto Archipelago.
We bought the property in 2007, and then started developing the idea of Marimba as a touristy project in a remote and rural community. Construction work began in the mid of 2010. It was in November 2011 when we proudly opened our doors for the first guests.


We are a team of 11 and most of the staff is with us since the very beginnings when we started cultivating the property and constructing Marimba. The team consists of close neighbours, all of them from our community Macunhe or our neighbouring community Chipongo. It is important to us to work with the community for it to gain a direct benefit from Marimba.
After finishing construction we tried to find a suitable profession for every employee so he/she could continue working for us. In this way, out of construction workers became gardeners, guards, waiters, chefs, facility managers and carpenters. Everyone got a period of apprenticeship and appropriate training and schooling, so they can take something with them for their future.