food & drinks

Our restaurant offers a fresh mix of African and European dishes that cover breakfast, lunch, dinner and light bites for in between. We only use the freshest products available on the market or right from our own garden. In our veggie garden we grow organically and adapted to seasons. Our fruit plantation is to supply our guests with a great variety of tropical fruits as mangos, pineapples, papaya, cherimoya, grenadine, cashews, citrus fruits and many more.
Seafood, chicken, eggs, vegetables and fruits are all from local producers.
Every day we offer a ‘Dinner of the Day’ which depends on the catch of the day and seasonal products. As we try to buy as local and fresh as possible – usually from our neighbouring fishermen – we offer a variety of fish, squid, crayfish or crab. There is always a vegetarian alternative.
If you wish meat dishes, braai, king prawns or any other specials (e.g. diets, allergies), just let us know. We like and do our best to respond to our guests’ individual wishes!

We offer a great diversity of drinks:

Next to the standard classic drinks you find daily home made specials as fresh peppermint ice tea, chai latte, glühwein and many more. Additionally we keep a fine selection of classic and tropical cocktails – the perfect sundowners or aperitifs