plants / garden

When we started with Marimba, the entire property was covered with thick bush and we lost our way many times in the jungle-like overgrown bush land. As we started cleaning some patches and a pathway down to the beach, we were fascinated by the diversity of plants growing here as well as the possibilities of cultivating many different species in a subtropical coastal area which consists of a mostly extremely sandy soil. Next to the common native vegetation we started cultivating Southern African ornamental plants and representative tropical flora.
Additionally we planted a great diversity of fruit trees: next to the well-known fruits as mango, banana, guava, orange, lemon, passion fruit and watermelon, there is also some fruits growing here you might not have tasted ever before. The precious cashew nut grows with a fruit called caju – an enormously tasty fruit, having such a delicate skin that it’s difficult to transport and you don’t even find it on local markets. Ata, also known as custard apple, belongs to the family of Cherimoya, well known in Southern America, and has a sweet vanilla taste. There is African mangosteen, wild dates, the lala fruit, green monkey orange and many more to discover. Should you be here in season we’d love to make you try some of them.
If you are interested in knowing more about the trees and fruits growing here, we provide a booklet giving you details to most of them.