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Things to do
There are more than just hanging out on a stunningly beautiful and natural beach …
Some activities Should not be missed Marimba’s Secret Gardens:
Explore the close by paradise islands 2 Miles reef – discover Marimba’s surrounding, unspoilt bush lands and visit the center of our bushwalk or fly along our remote bay with perfect kite conditions.

day trip to bazaruto island and snorkelling at two miles reef

Discover the breathtakingly beautiful Bazaruto Island and snorkel at the Two Miles Reef.
This trip takes you to Bazaruto Island, the largest of the four islands forming the Bazaruto Archipelago. The boat picks you up in the morning and brings you to Ponta Dondo, the most southern point of Bazaruto. A giant sand dune, one of the largest in the world in open sea, offers you a spectacular view over the whole archipelago and its unique play of colors. You’ll have plenty of time to go for a walk along the beach and have a swim in the crystal clear water. If the weather conditions let you take to the two-mile reef, a long coral reef in the open sea. It is famous for diving and calm days just great for snorkelling as well.You want to get back around 4pm
Pricing on Request

day trip to santa carolina island (paradise island)

Santa Carolina is the smallest of the 4 islands that form the Bazaruto Archipelago.
It is called Paradise Island, and this is not for nothing: Sta Carolina is a tiny tropical island, with the ruins of an old colonial hotel (built by Joaquim Alves) that are to explore and give the island its unique fascination.
There is only a few people visiting the island as it is far from Vilanculos – but easily reachable from Marimba.
Snorkeling is also possible at the pretty stone reefs all around the island.
Pricing on Request

chipongo bush walks

Here you better put on some shoes as José guides you from Marimba on small pathways through the bush to our neighboring community Chipongo. The walk takes you to the center of Chipongo, where José grew up and still lives. If you like, you can visit the local primary school. Before going back, you want to descend to a lagoon where you want to see a different vegetation there. There are plenty of birdlife on the way and they are happy to answer your questions.
4 hours walk: 400 mzn p / p
2 hours walk: 200 mzn p / p

kite surf

In Vilanculos you want to find perfect conditions for kite surfing. Right at the Indian Ocean, there is clear and warm waters all year long as well as there is mostly flat water and constant wind which is blowing side shore.
Next to those ideal conditions, our bay is a quiet and recreative place where you can combine relaxation, sports and pristine nature.
We are currently planning a kite surf center – however, until now you want to bring your own kite gear with you.


Dive the famous Two-Mile Reef and other spots in the stunning underwater world along Vilanculos coastline. If you are interested in diving we can organize your dives with a diving center in Vilanculos town.
As we are out of town, we recommend our guests staying in the city for a couple of nights before or after your visit.